About Us

ANNA NUCCI ITALY is an established brand which was originated and derived from Italy. Anna Nucci’s elegant and high-fashion retail environment features the trendiest designs of footwear of all categories, including wedding shoes, jelly shoes, casual sandals and slippers, evening clutches, and foot care accessories.

At Anna Nucci, we understand that weddings are one of the most important occasions in every woman’s lifetime, and having the right pairs of bridal shoes on this special day to harmonize with her gown is as significant as the occasion itself. Our shoes are handcrafted and handmade by our renowned shoe-maker masters with countless years of experience in the bridal shoes trade – all with the top priority of ensuring that our brides appear the most glamorous and captivating on this special day.

Today, Anna Nucci is not only the leading brand of bridal shoes, but it also has a strong online presence at ANNANUCCI.COM.

Anna Nucci has also collaborated with organisations such as Singapore Women’s Association to raise funds for its beneficiaries: National Safety Council, Handicaps Welfare Association, Singapore Association for Retarded Children, and Moral Home for the Disabled.

By supporting these philanthropic causes, Anna Nucci hopes to ensure the sustainability of charity programmes and their initiatives in order to nurture a sense of social responsibility in Singapore.

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