How to choose the perfect bridal shoes according to your wedding day~

Preparing for your wedding but still can’t find the perfect pair of wedding shoes? Fear not! Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect bridal shoes to match your perfect outfit!


  1. Dress Length

Believe it or not, the dress length can help to determine what bridal shoes you can wearing on your big day! High heel covered bridal shoes are perfect of long flowy dresses. Not only does it help to make the dress look more flowing, it makes the bride more elegant and tall when talking down the aisle on her big day. Short dresses go well with flats. Bridal Flats are also in the radar for matching with wedding dresses. Brides wearing short dresses on their big day go perfectly well with flats. Not only does it go well with the dress, it stands out but not as much as the dress does too.

  1. Matching materials

There are many materials that go well together. If you intend to wear a dress full of lace, you will definitely complete the full package by wearing a pair of perfectly lace cut bridal shoes. If your wedding dress are made with stunning crystals, match it well with crystal bridal shoes! Start matching your wedding shoes with your outfits today!


  1. Show off your perfect pedicure

If you went for a nice pedicure treatment, do not hesitate to show off your beautiful nails to your audience on your big day! Look out for the perfect pair of peep toes bridal shoes to wear for your big day! The more you show, the more confident you will become. Also, 


  1. Match the shoes with the theme and color

If your wedding theme is color coded, don’t just match the dress color to the theme, also match the bridal shoe color! If the theme is pink, choose a light pink pair of bridal shoes for the big day. If the theme is blue, silver or light blue would be perfect for the wedding.

Now that you have gotten all the tips on how to choose your bridal shoes, start choosing your bridal shoes today!

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